Month: June 2020


“I’ll be yours until the stars fall from the sky,Yours until the rivers all run dry,In other words, until I die.” Filmed by Zulhilmi Zahir, Mokhzaini Mokhtar and Khalil Khalid.Edited by Zulhilmi Zahir.

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Solemnization : Aizal & Dina

Solemnization : Aizal & Dina Venue : Melawati Date : 20.09.2019 Official Videographer: Videograph by : Rizan Mohd Editor : Iddiazril Agus ******************************************************************************* © All Rights Reserved. Any unauthorized copy, usage or reproduce of the image are strictly prohibited. ******************************************************************************* Dapatkan perkhidmatan photography dan videography perkahwinan yang terbaik dari kami dengan harga serendah RM1250.00 […]

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